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How to start a blog or portfolio for your freelance business

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Freelance Pricing Masterclass: Learn how to set your freelance rate with confidence

This course gives you the fast track to finding the right freelance rate for you and the confidence that you’re charging your full worth. After taking this course, you’ll know: Whether you’re undervaluing yourself (answer: you probably are!) What you should set your freelance rate at How to find out what other freelancers are charging How to negotiate fees and deal with push back from clients What other pricing options are available to unlock even higher income opportunities
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Freelance Finances: Miss these critical steps and kiss your hard earned freelance revenue goodbye

Not sure where to start with your freelance figures? Don't bury your head in the sand - learn what it's important to know when it comes to freelance finances and keep your books in the black.

Freelance Foundations

A beginner's course to get you thinking about your freelance career and setting solid foundations from the beginning. Focussing on the Five Whys (why, what, who, where and how) this course will help you answer some key questions that will give you a sure start and increased confidence that you're doing things right from the beginning.

Freelance Marketing Proposal Template

Freelance Invoice Template

This freelance invoice template is customisable in Word, Excel and Google Docs, so you can edit it to match your freelance business needs - and help you get paid!

Freelance Contract Template

This freelance contract template has everything you want in a contract, including an outline exactly what the client is expecting you to deliver and in what timeframe.  A freelance contract will make sure that your client is clear about the project deliverables, timeframes, cost and is prepared to pay more for extra work. Perfect for people new to freelancers, you can adapt the freelance contract template to suit your particular line of work - whether that's design, development, marketing and more.

Find Freelance Work Fast: FIND and LAND your dream client in weeks instead of years — even if you don’t know where to find your first clients

Introduction from your course tutor, Ben Matthews When I first started freelancing 8 years ago, it took a while for me to build a regular pipeline of new clients. Yes, I had one or two clients to get me started, but getting a full portfolio or work to fill my working week took time - longer than was comfortable. As I got more established as a freelancer, I learned which techniques and approaches attracted the most potential clients. And I quickly learned which were the opportunities worth pursuing - and which weren't Finding those first freelance clients can be tricky, but this course will give you the step-by-step-guide to finding - and winning - your first clients - even if you don't know where to start. There's lots of valuable information given throughout the course, so you'll most likely return to the advice given here throughout your freelance career when you need a few extra client wins to keep those projects coming in. How will you benefit from taking this course? Get the foundations in place so you can cope with the amount of new business enquiries you may generate Establish a sales process to build a relationship with a new client, from the first email through to them signing a contract (and yes, you need contracts for every client!) Creating credentials docs and budget templates so you can turn round new business proposals in next to no time Find out where your most valuable clients come from, so you can focus on the right new business areas for you Expand your network so you can keep a regular supply of referrals and new business enquiries coming through to your inbox Learn about advanced new business techniques that established agencies use to win high value clients What's included in the course? There are 5 modules in this course, comprising 5 lessons each, so 25 lessons in total. Each lesson discusses a particular strategy, tactic or tool for getting you in a better position to win new clients. Working your way through each lesson and completing the tasks in each will take you from a beginner freelancer through to what clients will see as an experienced professional that will add value to their business. There are also links to external sites with further advice and downloadable  practical tools to help you find and win new clients straight away. We'll also ask you to take a short survey to determine the effectiveness of the course, simply asking how many potential clients you get per month before you start the course, then looking at how many client enquiries you get after taking the course. We're betting that you'll see a dramatic increase! When is this course launching? The course is in production and is expected to launch in late June 2018. Leave your email address to be updated when the course launches. What will you learn each week? Week 1: Introduction Understanding the growth mindset Getting the right tools Setting up the right processes  Creating a credentials doc that sells you Creating a budget template that breaks down your value to clients  Week 2: Understanding your customers Emailing people who have hired freelancers  Ask other freelancers Find out where the people you want to work for spend their time Find out what questions your customers are asking  Qualifying the lead: questions to ask to sort the movers from the losers Week 3: Tapping your existing network How friends and family can help Calling on previous clients and colleagues Social media networks Building an email list Subcontracting with agencies Week 4: Expanding your network Should you use job boards? Working pro bono to increase your portfolio In-person meetups and events Online groups and networks Week 5: Advanced new business techniques Win without pitching Your unique take Act the host Side project marketing BONUS: 50 ways to win new business This course is currently in production. Please enter your email to be notified when be course is available.
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